In pure hedonistic style, the tranquil hues of navy blue are distorted with an exploration of light. The fascination with light by ways of modern installations and ultraviolet pixelate the otherwise static grey tones with shocks of neon and flashes of pink. The combination of art and artificial light, when played across athletic-inspired silhouettes, create … More Artificial

Nouveau ’70s

Out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary, as we bring the outside in and the past into the present. Refreshing new adaptations to the floatier bohemian romanticism allows us to play with spliced graphic print techniques while keeping the silhouettes classic. With top-to-toe dressing in lean flared trousers and fringed jackets draped on top … More Nouveau ’70s


Step in to the wilderness and go on the prowl in hippie chic threads, like a crochet two-piece in lightweight cotton and hues of washed-out burnt orange. The budding florals have been stripped-back to balance fluidity with print, resulting in a youthful and very pretty outcome. ZALORA delves into the fresh list of what is … More Wanderlust

Urban Explorer

Step into the concrete jungle as the stylish urban explorer hits the streets in quilted fabrics and well-worn denim. Set against the cold, hard steel-and-mortar of our surrounding streets, outerwear comes into its own as statement pieces are paired with slim-fitting chinos and chunky workman boots. The strong presence of calming greens in the surroundings … More Urban Explorer

adidas Originals by White Mountaineering

LIT UP Adidas Original by White Mountaineering HERO-1 Japanese menswear brand White Mountaineering joined forces with Adidas Originals during Pitti Uomo 89 for the Designer Project series (last season [Pitti 88] it was Carlo Shreds, Creative Director at Kilgour, who occupied the event). Founder and Creative Director, Yosuke Aizawa, created White Mountaineering in 2006 and … More adidas Originals by White Mountaineering

ZALORA’s Chinese New Year Collection

Prepare to get slightly obsessed with our 2016 Chinese New Year Collection, which is filled with impeccable party pieces perfect for the festive season ahead. Sophistication is brought into a new light as bold, original styles are played alongside classic red crochet dresses and floral prints, guaranteed to enchant and delight. Best-dressed males are slick … More ZALORA’s Chinese New Year Collection