1/4      CARLO LEE

The road to becoming a renowned model isn’t always glamorous and easy. We’ve heard of success stories and, of course, stories that prove modeling is not just a strut down the catwalk. But if you’ve got the right mix of looks, personality, drive, and talent like these up-and-coming models, then you’re all set for a fashion industry takeover.

We invited 4 young, up-and-coming models for a slumbersome afternoon shoot in order to get to know them more. Don’t sleep on these kids; they could be the next Anja Rubik or Ash Stymest.

First on our list Mercator model CARLO LEE:


Name: Carlo Lee (at Mercator)

Age:  19

Nationality: Chinese-Filipino

Interests: Arts (Graphic design and photography)

IMG_1584 copy2

Craziest model moment: “Probably my second show, the Bench Naked Truth. I wasn’t expecting to get that. It was like my second show ever. That’s where I met Michael Cinco, Ben Chan, Noel Manapat. And that’s where I got to meet most of my model friends also.”



Model icons: Liu Wen, Miles McMillan, Sang Woo, Joan Smalls, Natasha Poly, Gisele Bundchen

How did you start modeling? “I had a model friend who said I could model and introduced me to my agent.”



On a normal day, what would people see you wear? “Just laid-back – black joggers, probably an oversized white shirt. It’s like, you know, I’m just gonna sleep here or whatever.”

IMG_1696 copy

Z #00 Carlo

What’s your advice for aspiring models? “Know your market coz once you know it, you know who to hang out with, who to approach. It’s easier for you coz you’re not wasting time on the wrong market. And get good friends in the industry.”

Photographed by Miguel Alomajan

Styled by Quayn Pedroso

Grooming: Sydney Helmsley 

Interview by Coyi Gorostiza

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