The road to becoming a renowned model isn’t always glamorous and easy. We’ve heard of success stories and, of course, stories that prove modeling is not just a strut down the catwalk. But if you’ve got the right mix of looks, personality, drive, and talent like these up-and-coming models, then you’re all set for a fashion industry takeover.

We invited 4 young, up-and-coming models for a slumbersome afternoon shoot in order to get to know them more. Don’t sleep on these kids; they could be the next Anja Rubik or Ash Stymest.

Second model to feature is EMILIJA SUSINSKAITE:

IMG_1462 copy

Name:   Emily (at Elite Manila)

Age: 17

Nationality: Lithuanian

Countries you’ve been to: Japan, Taiwan, China

Interests: Arts (Painting and drawing)


Craziest model moment: “I’ve been to China four times and it’s crazy every time.”



Model icons: Miranda Kerr, Agne Konciute


How did you start modeling? “I was in a mall back in Lithuania shopping and a girl went up to me and asked me if I model and gave me her business card. I was bored so I tried and I got in!”

IMG_1543 IMG_1475

On a normal day, what would people see you wear? “Depends on my mood, really. I don’t have a specific style. Some days you’ll see me wearing a dress, other days sweatpants.”

IMG_1461 cop2y


What’s your advice for aspiring models? “Don’t be shy because I was really shy. You have to be confident and just do what you want.”

Photographed byMiguel Alomajan

Styled by Quayn Pedroso

Hair and makeup:Sydney Helmsley 

Interview by Coyi Gorostiza 

#zinezoned #Zmagonline

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